Archives for September 2005

Convoys of Power Company Trucks

For the past two days, we’ve been driving along I-20 through Alabama, Mississippi, Lousiana, and into Texas. Along the way, we passed several convoys of power company trucks from New Jersey and North Carolina on their way to help with the restoration of power in the Gulf areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. There were […]

Intelligent Design Goes to Court

A group of parents in the Dover, PA school district have taken the school board to court to challenge the board’s decision that requires high school biology teachers to read a four-paragraph statement that notes that intelligent design offers an alternative theory for the origin and evolution of life — namely, that life in all […]

Teaching Evolution in Church

Several weeks ago, I read an article in the Washington Post, entitled Darwin goes to Church, written by Henry G. Brinton, pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church. In the adult Sunday school classes, David Bush, a member of the church, and a retired government worker is offering a course, “Evolution for Christians.” Being a Christian myself, […]

Science for the Environment

Several years ago, I was a reader on a doctoral dissertation at La Trobe University, in Melbourne. The focus of the study was an examination of the history of environmental education over the past 30-40 years. In an analysis of the research, environmental education projects, and action groups, the researcher used a tri-analytic paradigm in […]

Rita and Katrina, Linking Natural Disasters, People and Science

The two hurricanes, Rita and Katrina, that have impacted millions of people directly, and the rest of the US population indirectly, as well as many people around the world, bring home the importance of making science education real, and encouraging students to be engaged with real problems and events in nature. Too much science teaching […]

Hurricane Katrina: A Citizen Resource

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was beyond belief, and might be the worst natural disaster in US history. Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and other severe storms have impacted more than 2.2 billion people in the past 10 years. This is a very large increase from the previous ten years, and […]